The Corona virus - guidelines and operational measures within Triona

17 March 2020

In the last weeks Triona has taken steps aimed at handling the consequences of the Corona virus.

The overall purpose is to:

  • Maintain our business as usual by securing continuity in our customers' assignments and product development.
  • Secure our liquidity.

Due to our business focus; innovative IT solutions within logistics- and infrastructure-oriented operations we are not directly affected. Furthermore, the Triona Group has a strong financial situation. Therefore, we are well prepared to take us through these challenging times together with customers, coworkers, suppliers and authorities.

We have guidelines for our coworkers and these are updated as the authorities change their guidelines. At the moment we, for example, say that it is OK to work from home if the employee's assignment manager approves it. Furthermore, we do not allow business travel without an approval from the country managing director.

Besides our guidelines we have taken some operational measures that aim to support the overall purpose mentioned above. For example avoiding purchases and making it possible for all employees to work from home.

Our focus for the coming weeks, and perhaps longer, will be to secure our operations and support our customers without endangering the health of any of our employees. A result of this is a minor, but still important step, i.e. to reduce the business-related news flow from Triona, at least in the coming two weeks.